Gentlemen? Not!

There were ten people at the jeepney stop this morning. Other than me, there were nine men, all students of a maritime academy only next to where I work. 

So an empty jeepney stopped to load us. All the men ran towards the jeepney and I was the last one to get on.

I wonder, if I was wearing a miniskirt, will they let me get on last or ahead of them?

“A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude.” 

– Oscar Wilde


28 thoughts on “Gentlemen? Not!

  1. that’s one of the effects of women empowerment. you know women wants equal treatment. hehe tapos if we’re not treating you well nagrereklamo agad about chivalry. naguguluhan na talga ako hahaha. no ba talaga kelangan ba maging chauvinist o feminist. d pa pwedeng magtaxi nalang para masaya lahat?
    (#ang layo ng solusyon)

  2. I guess it’s now survival of the fittest.

    Did they elbow and push you out? That’s really sad. And to think they were young students, not a father who was in a hurry to get home to his family. Maybe I’d understand that. Still…..

    1. But fathers and even elder men won’t act like that, I know for sure. There was one time when I got on a full jeepney. A 50-something man offered me his space. 🙂

      And they were young students, yes! Argh.

  3. That’s sad. Sadder to think that chivalry’s long been dead to some. Saddest that others believe it’s us women (or at least some of us) who killed it.

    1. Are you talking about the push for equality of the sexes?

      I think it’s just the crazy dog-eat-dog world out there now. Although, I think dogs honestly treat each other better than humans.

    2. Actually, one of them turned back before he got on the jeep pero umakyat parin eh. Haha. Baka nagdalawang isip muna then thought “Hayaan mo na.”
      Eh kasi naman, there are women who also want to be disrespected. 😦

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