Iloilo City: Coffee House Beanery

First of all, this is a long overdue post. On this particular day, maybe some time around June, I decided to have some “me time” again after I finished some articles. I was only doing some freelance work then. So I got dressed and went to this coffee shop at the heart of the city proper.

Iced Latte for P60. :)

Ham and Cheese sandwich for P50 (not sure). ;p

Me time with food and my pen and notebook. :)

I literally had some “me time” because I was the only customer. It was raining. The music really matched the weather but my mood wasn’t gloomy at all. I loved the height of the seat and tables. I love the ambiance of the place. The latte was perfect. And the price is just right. The view of the bustling street also left me with so many thoughts. Like, it’s amazing how others move so fast and others move too slow. I was also overwhelmed as I realized that I was enjoying every bite of my meal and every drop of my latte while others were busy counting every cent that they can earn from every minute that they work.

It was also funny because I was still giddy from watching Before Sunrise the night before. I had fantastic imaginations. Very strange imaginations and I laugh, now that I think about it. I was so kilig especially that “My Destiny” was playing when I entered the coffee shop. <3

“Life should not only be lived, it should also be celebrated….” even when you’re on your own.

Coffee House Beanery is located at Quezon-Ledesma St., Iloilo City. Just near Robinson’s Place Iloilo. :)

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13 responses to “Iloilo City: Coffee House Beanery

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  3. Definitely have to stop by here the next time I’m home. Great feature post!

  4. parang masarap tumambay jan ah…

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