Literal Hotshots

I had some errands to do today so I set off to the city. I was actually full but I just had to get a dose of some KFC hotshots. 

Used my phone and the lighting at KFC is weird hence the crappy picture. Oh yeah, the mashed potatoes and the hotshots with dabs of gravy made me feel like I’m in seventh heaven.

But aside from this delectable meal, I had a surprisingly good bonus. Hot guy, two o’clock. He carried a box of Krispy Kremes and two bags so I’m guessing he just arrived from the airport. He ate a full meal at 3:30pm. So I guess he really got hungry maybe because his flight was delayed. LOL. I really liked his outfit. His mysterious eyes. And his goatee.

Then he stood up. Sat down again. Checked his iPhone. His wallpaper was kind of neutral, didn’t say much about him. He  dialed his phone but it seemed like  nobody answered his call. He seemed to be waiting for someone. Bummer. Lol.

Then he finally got up and went out of my sight. Pointless blog post really. But I’m really hoping he’s a blogger and he reads this. Haha. Call me, maybe? ;p


15 thoughts on “Literal Hotshots

      1. I thought you said “googled” Lol! Argh, I couldn’t wink or even smile! You know that moment when your whole face just freezes. I think I had a poker face the whole time! Lol

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