Hot guys step up.

Passionate, sexy, hot, romantic. A devil on the dance floor. Typical Step Up Guy, right? Typical in a sense that’s ideal. Lol. And so I believe that Step Up guys are actually endangered species. I hate that ugly truth. 

There’s Channing Tatum.

Rick Malambri. Very manly.

And Ryan Guzman. Jaw-dropping jaw!

Only three hot guys because I didn’t like Step Up 2. Haha. I actually have a lot of time to blog but I can’t help but watch movies every night. This week was also kind of busy. But, I really need to post this today! Haha! I loved Step Up Revolution. I think that it’s the best among all the other Step Up movies. Makes me really miss dancing!

But anyway…

Dear Ryan Guzman,

        Thank you for making my day. See you in my dreams.

                                                                Love lots. ❤


6 thoughts on “Hot guys step up.

  1. i love dance movies! didnt get to see the third one but ill have to check it out!
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog, btw. truly appreciated!

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