Can’t take a coffee-less morning.

I did not take my usual cup of coffee this morning. I did not put on my red lipstick too. So my morning actually sucked.

I can’t function without coffee. One of my students said that my energy level was low and I seemed to be somewhere else during class even if I explained the lessons well and Β answered his queries correctly. I really tried to lessen my caffeine intake but after today, I realized I can’t do it especially that I need to be alert. So tomorrow, I’m going to have my usual two cups of coffee.Β 

Plus, I think I just started PMS-ing this afternoon. It’s that time of month again! So maybe I’ll be up for another experiment anytime soon. I’m not gonna have coffee while I’m PMS-ing. Haha. Sounds like a really mean plan.


14 thoughts on “Can’t take a coffee-less morning.

  1. My mother is buying a cappuccino maker ! ! ! We’re all coffee drinkers at home too. I even drink at least 2 cups at night,

    Our coffee brewer is like turned on 24/7 I think and it’s always full,,, maybe that’s he reason my family’s a nervous lot, ha ah ah

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