I’ll call them, maybe.

I don’t know about you but I think this is the best Call Me Maybe cover in the whole universe.

I’m so glad these soldiers took the time to have fun. Argh. Gosh, I want to sob. 😥

Please let there be peace on earth already.


8 thoughts on “I’ll call them, maybe.

  1. Yeah, it was fun, but just seeing them surrounded by weapons that are so normal to them, you realize how dangerous it is there. I think it makes us feel sad since it humanizes the face of the war, so that casualty numbers aren’t just statistics. Hopefully they’ll come home soon.

      1. I try to be an optimist about it and try to be keep my faith in the goodness of mankind… but I see how animals are able to get along (or at least fall into a balanced circle of life), and then I look at humans and their endless greed and lust for destruction… and then I get depressed.

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