I badly need your suggestion.

It’s Sunday so….

Do you think I should erase my nail polish and cut my nails already? Or I can postpone it next weekend? They’re somewhat chipped already.

Haha. Sorry, guys. It’s really such a difficult decision to make. -_-

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6 thoughts on “I badly need your suggestion.

    1. thanks, pots! hehe. parang kay bulilit? hehe! kaya nga kaso mahirap din pag maxadong mahaba. haha! pero hanggang ngayon, actually, di ko pa rin naierase kasi tamad pa ko. baka bukas, or sa susunod na bukas.. or. lol

  1. For me.. cut it now. Some points for this: it allows you to type faster in a keyboard, or a cellphone; you don’t need to worry about what nail polish to use; it’s clinical.. a must for nurses (which you are)… comfortable, and VERY feminine !

    1. Yes, Tito! Will cut it, definitely. I just realized that typing is getting hard for me. LOL! But will still put some nail polish! Hihi. Trying to enjoy the privilege while I still can because once I get a nursing job, it’s gonna be a no-no forever! 😦

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