The Lorax

Who says children’s movies do not make any sense? There’s Mulan who teaches us that we should be true to our hearts. There’s Toy Story that shows us how to be true friends. And a whole lot more that would help parents bring up their children the way they should go in the modern way. 

Yesterday, my sisters and I watched The Lorax, a movie adapted from a book by Dr. SeussIt’s about Thneedville, a town where everything is plastic and air is a basic commodity. Ted, here, is a 12 year-old boy who seeks to find a real tree for the love of his life. In his search for a tree, he met the Once-ler from whom he heard the untold stories of the once abundant land outside of their plastic town. Ted’s courage and determination paved the way to the recovery of the devastated environment.

It was a very meaningful movie even if I’m distracted by the fact that Zac Efron is the voice behind the 12 year-old Ted.

The movies touched me a lot as I imagined a plastic world, without grass, flowers, and trees. Everything became devastated because of the Once-ler’s greed and I realized that sometimes, I’m acting like the Once-ler too. I don’t want to live in an artificial world. 😦

The Lorax is one of the movies that should be shown in school especially that it depicts environmental issues through a very simple plot. I wish The Lorax still exists. So he can speak for the trees, for they have no tongues. Especially the trees in the Philippines.


7 thoughts on “The Lorax

  1. Sometimes, children’s movies do make a lot of sense. For adults and children, they are like parables- heavy message delivered in a light way.i just watched Brave and it is one of those that you can get a lot of sense.

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