Iloilo City: Bel Piatto Resto

This is the second time that we postponed our after-work shindig at Angel’s Burger. The first time we thought about it, we ended up eating at Mang Inasal and today, we came to a full stop at Bel Piatto Resto.Β 

The buffet table.

They serve a wide variety of lutong bahay dishes. Though I didn’t avail of the buffet, I had the chance to try the creamy pork (?). Oops! Haha.

Nong Jude’s first helping.
Ricca’s tuna sandwich for P49 (with iced tea included).
Ricca’s chicken and palabok (also with iced tea) for P59.
My hotdog sandwich (with iced tea) for P49.
My chicken and spaghetti (with iced tea) for P59.

Yes, it was another pig out day! With the Master and the Kaptain, everyday is, actually! Haha. Love this bunch! We missed Jolly and Vida here! πŸ™‚

Here are the details:

After a 10-minute walk from Bel Piatto to U.P., dancing to Oppa Gangdam Style, strolling around the U.P City Campus, a 30-minute drive home, and three hours after everything that happened, I’m still full.

And I quote master Jude, “Nothing is heavy with a happy tummy!”


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