Iloilo City: Brew

If you’re a student of St. Paul University, you are surely familiar with Brew. It’s a small restaurant just at the back of the newly opened Sitoy’s in front of The Atrium Mall.Β 

This affordable restaurant is only two years old. I remember that it opened when we were seniors in college. I’m glad that I had the chance to have P50-65 lunches aside from McDonald’s P50 chicken fillet. It really helped me spare some money for uhm.. photocopies.

Today, a Battle of the Bands was held in St. Paul so we decided to check it out. Well, the three of us actually ended up being a little disappointed but just rationalized that some things are just meant to change. So we got out of the gym and headed to Brew Burgers!

Its cool and relaxing ambiance perfectly matches the jazz and chill-out music played throughout the day.

Ricca’s Chicken Lollipop only for P50!
Nong Jude’s Tonkatsu for P75.
My Grilled Porkchop for P65.

Their Grilled Porkchop is my favorite! I love their gravy so much. Ricca loved her very crispy Chicken Lollipops and Nong Jude was delighted by the fact that his Tonkatsu had lots of rice. Haha! They also serve burgers, Fish N’ Chips, Burger Steak, Bicol Express, Baby Backribs, appetizers like popcorn and potato wedges, and many more! Our meals also included a glass of iced tea.

It’s the perfect place for students and young professionals like us! ;p

Shada again! Haha!


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