Just a thought to ponder.

Would you let this pass and let him go or would you do otherwise?


6 thoughts on “Just a thought to ponder.

  1. You have a point when you said “I would perhaps let it go” In my own experience, I rather let go than suffer with the hassles of dealing with another uncooperative person. But then again, if always have that attitude, no one learns their lesson.

    1. Yes! It always depends on the situation. In that situation, the vehicle wasn’t even damaged, or so I think. Haha. But of course, if someone ought to learn a lesson then I would certainly be obliged to suffer the due process.

  2. he should pay for the repair. That should give that poor guy a lesson that he should be careful from then on. When I was there, I was appalled at the way bikers just zigzag on the road. Mom drove there and it freaked her out. It’s about time they be responsible for their no care attitude.

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