The Horse Dance

About a month ago, one of our students introduced us to “The Horse Dance.” We really thought he was making up stories because most of the other Korean students were clueless about it. He left after a week and little did we know that several days after, Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style will go viral.

Much has been said about the song and the artist and I think it only goes to show that KPop is really successful in invading the music industry.

Now, here’s our own version. Haha!


17 thoughts on “The Horse Dance

  1. panalo!!! ang cute mo apple kapag yung “sexy lady” dance na.. todo bigay!! ikaw na!! at talagang kahit saan eh nag video kayo.. yan ang tinatawag na “confidence” pinahanga mo ako apple.. ikaw na talaga!! woohoo!!

      1. hindi nga.. natuwa nga ako kasi super lembot ng katawan mo.. hindi ko kayang gawin yang ginagawa mo.. hindi lang parehong kaliwa ang paa ko.. kasing tigas pa ng troso ang katawan ko… pero totoo nga.. cute yung pagkakasayaw mo…

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