I think I am a Sassy Girl.

Undoubtedly, you all have heard about My Sassy Girl. The film originated in South Korea and it was eventually remade in Bollywood, Tollywood, and of course, Hollywood. You can mistake it as something that was entirely made up but Google says it was based on a true story by a man who kept open his love story through his blog. To cut it short, it was about the mysterious and inevitable force that can bring two people together despite all the resistance and doubts one had. 

It was about moving on. For me, heartaches are worse than toothaches. You can’t simply squeeze a tube of dentist-recommended toothpaste or overdose yourself with Ponstan to take the pain away. Waking up because of a nightmare is even worse than the nightmare itself because then, you catch the idea that reality simply sucks. Moving on is hard. It takes a great deal of mind control to finally take baby steps forward. But practically, you have no choice but to move on. If you think your girlfriend cares about what you do after you two broke up, Jordan says, “You’re wrong. Because time will pass and she’ll be fine.”

It was about being your own matchmaker. Well, it’s easy for a man to say that, right? Because when you like someone, you can tell them upfront without feeling silly and provocative. What can I say? Times have changed. It’s now acceptable for a woman to do that, or so I think. My favorite character in the movie is the old man in the park. Oh boy, there’s just got to be someone who tells the main characters about the right things to do.

He says,

“Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love. 

Just suppose that the shaping and molding of destiny… is your destiny.

I wish you a story with a happy ending… and the wisdom to look for it.”

There’s such thing as a will. A destiny for us all. But you can’t just lie down on the grass and wait for gravity to work its way so that the apple falls, right? If the tree is not too high, you’ve got to get up and grab it with your own hands. Destiny cannot do it alone. It needs help.

I am one sassy girl. I’m opinionated. I am stubborn. I am talkative. I can even be mischievous at times. I am independent and too bossy. But when the right man comes along and destiny whispers something right into my ears, I am damn sure that it will be my pleasure to lend a hand.


5 thoughts on “I think I am a Sassy Girl.

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  2. ang natatandaan ko sa sassy girl ay yung sa korean, yung sinukahan niya yung lalake sa tren… yummy.. ehehehehe.. but the song stuck like glue, kahit hindi ko naiintindihan…

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