My Beautiful Iloilo

I have a friend who lives halfway around the world. One night, he flooded our chat box with several tourism videos of their country. The videos were exceptional and it only put so much pressure in me so I opened YouTube and tried to find the best videos about the Philippines too but my search was to no avail. I resorted to finding one about Iloilo, the province where I live, the place that I’m truly proud of. Unfortunately, all the videos were too rough and cheesy. 

Last week, however, something cutting edge came up. Alas, a noteworthy video about Iloilo was released. I would like to think of it as a campaign rather than just a video about our province. And so, I’m sharing this to you.

Kudos to BluQube, Inc., the team behind this video. Now, there’s a video worth sharing to my friends from all around the world. 🙂


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