Tales from Thailand: Dazzling Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most loved sea creatures. Who wouldn’t adore these friendly and gentle mammals, right? It was one of the highlights of my Safari World adventure in Bangkok. I loved how the dolphins played with the toy sunglasses, the balls, and the hoops. I loved how they sang to us and how they jumped high up in the air and dance while the people applauded. I cannot describe the excitement that I felt while watching the show. 

Just look at how jam-packed it was! The male host did a good job at entertaining the people by singing and greeting in different languages before the show started.
Just look at their poise!
Feelin’ Audrey Hepburn-ish huh?

Me, Erica, and Elvi
My friends with my cousin Michael

These are my Papa’s shots when he went there with my Mama:

I learned that they were Bottlenose dolphins. I was really entertained but deep down, I really wished that they are being taken cared of well in the zoo. This is a kind of animal that I would still want my child to see in the future.


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