I’ll miss those balls!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pertaining to something appalling but it sure is fishy. Fishballs!! 🙂

Last Sunday, my siblings and I went to the mall just a few blocks from home to munch on some fishballs. I was very frustrated that the stall was closed so today, I went back there only to find out that they have officially ended business there.

I am really really really depressed. Those fishballs were to die for especially with their hot sauce! I think I won’t have the chance to eat fishballs anytime soon. Not until I stumble over another Jack’s Friedbites stall.

Now I’m only left to dreaming about those balls. 😦


6 thoughts on “I’ll miss those balls!

  1. You know, over here in the US, they sell by pound uncooked fishballs, shrimp balls, lobster balls at Chinese supermarkets here. Mom fries them and makes the sweet – sour sauce using the Philippine style ketchup, the banana ketchup to get the authentic taste. It’s the sauce that makes the fishballs delicious.

    1. Yes! We can also buy frozen balls (that didn’t sound right) from the supermarkets. There’s one brand that we buy and the other one’s the famous Shoti brand but then we don’t cook sauce, my siblings only use ketchup so they will never be the same. 😦

  2. i LOVE these!!! too bad there aren’t any here… plus they’re no good frozen. They’re still the best deep fried, skewered, drenched in that yummy brown sauce and served on the streets.

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