Those Teenage Drama Queens

After class yesterday, I decided to have brunch at Mcdonald’s. I changed tables three times, the couches looked very comfortable but because I’m short, the table height seemed awkward. I finally found a good place but it’s beside the table of some teenage drama queens.

I think the girls are 14 year-olds. They were just too noisy and bad words flew all over the place as they looked at themselves in the mirror and shouted at each other. One girl started to entice a guy they know who’s a few tables away to join them but he refused. After 5 minutes of cursing, laughing, and shouting, three other girls occupied the table beside theirs. They talked about school work for a little then the noisy girls decided to transfer to another mall.

When they left, the discreet and kind-looking girls talked. One of them said that the situation was so awkward. Seems like two girls weren’t in good terms with two girls from the other group.

Then one girl told the others about the guys, that the other group was noisy. Then they carried on with what seems like theater blockings and sequences. I think I know where they’re studying.

Oohhhh high school drama. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t totally like that in high school even if I also was a drama queen.


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