To Our Lolo

Once upon a time, I was a 9 year-old kid who loved watching the kiddie show Wansapanataym during Sunday nights. We only had 1 TV back then and Sunday nights were Lolo Dolfo’s videoke nights. I would beg for him to change the channel but he would ignore me. He would just smile at me, and continue singing his heart out. After 5 minutes of frowning, I would then find myself singing Quando, Quando, Quando, Dream, Dream, My Way, Unchained Melody, and Born Free along with him.

He was one proud man, proud of his roots, his unusual experiences, and his children. There is no authentic description of being a good grandfather, there is no manual on how to be one, and no human being can ever quantify love as well. But I know that despite all the ramblings and mumblings, he had shown us his love for us in his own unique ways. We may not seem to understand these ways sometimes but I know that in his heart, he was also proud that he was a grandfather to all 27 or 28 of us. We will never forget our Lolo. He made sure we all loved the color Red!

Now he’s free from all the earthly pain. He’s free as the grass grows and free as the wind blows as he was born free.

In behalf of all my cousins, I would like to thank everyone who extended their condolences and shared in our family’s grief.

Thank you.

Our cousin Faye who is currently in America regrets that she can’t come today but she sent us a video she made as a tribute to her beloved Lolo. Pictures paint a thousand words and with this video, you will know what she has to say about our Lolo.

*This was my short speech during my Grandfather’s burial service last November 17,2012.

In Memory of Rodolfo “Pula” Alonzo Emplamado


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