Thou Shall Follow these Twitter Rules

I love reading Bianca Gonzalez’s blogs. I love how she cares to post in her blog despite her busy schedule. I’ve been following her for years now and her blogs really show how she hasn’t changed over the years even if she’s now a public figure.

Anyway, I watched a video of her talk at the Social Good Summit by Rappler and I admire the way she did it. It was simple, perky, yet very informative and factual! She focused on Twitter do’s and don’ts. I agree with her that these rules are already known to us, if you’re someone who has common sense! Lol!

Bianca entitled her talk “Ten Twitter Rules I Try To Follow (And You Can, Too)”.

Here are the ten rules:

1. Post online what you can say in real life.

2. On bashers: Ignore them or just be nice.

3. It won’t hurt to retweet.

– Especially when a calamity happens. It’s about information dissemination!

4. Be sure to credit what you retweet.

– Don’t plagiarise.

5. Be careful before retweeting.

– Make sure it’s from a reputable source.

6. Make friends. But also do not trust blindly.

7. Be constructive, not destructive.

8. When big news breaks, be sensitive.

9. Keep vanity in moderation.

10. Live in the present.

May my followers and other netizens follow these ten rules that Bianca shared. I want to believe that I follow them! Haha! Plus, I’m trying to post this so as to make parinig to some people in particular. ;p Actually, I’ve also posted about Twitter here.

Read Bianca’s blog here and follow her on Twitter too! 🙂

Or watch the whole video:

And I quote Bianca, ” Be the Twitter user you want to see in the Twitter world!”


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