Surviving PRC Iloilo

If you are totally happy with your life right now and you need a dose of stress just for balance, you can always drop by PRC Iloilo. There you will hear and see all kinds of drama, excuses, and pleas. There you can also observe a variety of frowns, mouth twitches, and all kinds of body language and… smells.

I spent almost 3 days for my registration to take the board exams, about 5 days for my registration as a professional nurse in 2011, and I have been waiting for the release of my PRC ID for over a year now. Actually, months before I started to work, I bugged their office to print my ID, heck, I even tried to enter the Admin Office but to no avail. If I inquire in one of the windows in the Records section, the woman tells me to call them first to confirm if my ID was already available for pick-up. If I call the office, the receiver tells me to just inquire in their office personally. Eventually, I became too lazy to follow it up until a classmate from Elementary posted the picture of her PRC ID on Facebook. I asked about how she went about the procedure and said that she took a priority number on a Thursday and was told to come back the following Tuesday. The Releasing section serves only 150 numbers per day so if you want to acquire one, you have to be extra early, like 6 am even if the numbers will be given at 8 am.

Today, I got a Holiday off and I was already outside the office at 6:30 am with only a few people before me waiting in line. Minute after minute, a bunch of people arrived and at 7:30, the security guard was giving out some flyers.


There, yet another procedure. I was actually calm the whole time because I was ready for something worse than this. Lucky us the regional office is only in our city. I feel for those who are from Antique, Aklan, Capiz, or Negros who spend money on their fare and even overnight stays just so they can get a priority number.



This one’s at the back of the building.





Other advisories:



PRC Iloilo has been like this for years already. I wish they could come up with something so that they can cope with their backlogs. They have caused delays and hassles in the schedules of so many professionals already.

My advice to you, fellow taga Region VI: bring a fan, towel, a bottle of water, earphones, pocketbook, ballpen when you plan to go to PRC Iloilo. Photocopy your claim slip and other documents that you think are necessary beforehand and on top of that, take a lot of patience with you. Let’s see what I’ll get after ten days!

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21 thoughts on “Surviving PRC Iloilo

  1. i’ve been waiting for the text of prc iloilo for the release of my renewed prc id and other documents but its been 20 days now i havnt receive yet any txt that prc iloilo promise…so frustrating..i need my license and other documents urgently..

    1. Hello, Archie! Same here! It’s been 11 days and I haven’t received a text message yet. ARGH! Are you from here too? I am yet to find time to go back there to inquire and complain.

  2. I have gone through that process also like yours in prc iloilo.. its a waste of time and money.. it is so very hassle and time consuming.. May i ask if the prc iloilo already texted you or communicated with you, within 10 days regarding on their new policy in claiming. Thanks..

    1. Hello, Nick! it’s been 11 working days since I passed the photocopy of my claim slip but I haven’t received a text message from PRC Iloilo. I am yet to find time to go back there and unleash my inner tiger.

  3. …isipin mo, pipila ka ng 6:00 just to get a number.. total waste of your time… why not have an online application where they can schedule what day and what time you can get your ID.. no lines, no hassle, no grumpy employees… nasa age na tayo ng hi-tech pero bulok pa rin ang sistema.. sorry nag rant na ako.. ehehehehe…

    1. Correct, Pots! Bulok talaga. I was also thinking if they can have project hires just to cope with their backlogs. It won’t be long before they finish printing all the IDs, dba may machine na automatic na nagpiprint noon? We even have that in school. And tama ka, why not online? They’re honestly degrading professionals as we line up outside the building accumulating sweat and dust. -_-

  4. It would be great if your next blog will be about the grandiose mansions owned by each of these PRC officials. Then and only then will you understand why the PRC office is like that.

          1. Don’t be. I’ll be reading all your blogs. Lastly, if you see me in person, can you please smile from afar so ill know it’s you? =p

              1. Du ako man ang nahuya sa comments ko ah. totally off topic. abi add ta na lang ka sa fb kag didto na lang ta sturya hahaha.

  5. The Filipino people are considered to be patient people but what happens at PRC-Iloilo is too much to bear. It would be best for the agency to just branch out further its services instead. I give a thumbs up for the new policy that professionals can renew their near-to-expiry licenses at SM City Iloilo Business Center but its not enough. How long must the people of Panay and Negros suffer for the insufficiency and incompetence of the agency? They will welcome comments, suggestions and reactions but never reply accordingly though.

  6. I don’t understand why the Iloilo branch remains this inept. There is really something wrong with the system and the people of PRC. How is it that the LTO which caters to I believe more than what PRC handles can be more efficient? Philippine REGULATION Commission should learn to REGULATE (a word synonymous to: control, adjust, arrange, settle, order) itself too.

  7. Congratulations for bringing this up. I hope everyone knows about this to infect them with the patience you have.

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