His Last Moves

About two weeks ago, the live-in partner of one of our patients asked if they could let his 2 year-old son have one last glance at his father.

There’s a hospital policy stating that well children aren’t allowed to get in the institution but of course, it’s hard to deny last requests especially something like that.

To make the story short, the request was granted and the son held his father’s hand for the last time. I had the chance to talk to the patient’s partner and what saddened her more was that her son cannot recognize his father in his present state anymore.

The day after, the woman called for us saying that the patient moved his toenails. True enough he responded when he was tickled. His blood pressure went back to normal even hours after all his inotropics were consumed. His heartbeat, although still irregular became easily palpable. Perhaps, it was his way of saying he’s thankful for everyone around him and that he was letting go.

That night, he passed away. He was only 24 years old and he left his 19 year-old partner with a 2 year-old son. Looking at the child, I cannot help but think of how he would see the world when he comes of age, of how he would grow up without a father.

Ahh, sometimes, I just think too much.


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