What’s a Bucket List?

First of all, don’t laugh at me for not having one after my 2* years of existence. I may come from a middle class family and though a little bit dreamy, I am always in this certain state of contentment. I may not have everything that I want but I have everything that I need.

But these past few months, there’s a resounding advice from a blot in my head telling me to ask. There’s nothing wrong in being contented but after some recollection, I realized that I wasn’t only entirely being contented, I was being complacent.

I realized that I should start setting up goals again because honestly, after graduating from college, I was just going with the flow without looking into the far future. To start off, I thought about having a bucket list. I know it’s not so much and it’s still a little bit unrealistic but it’s actually just to make it sound more fancy and appealing.

My goal is for my bucket list to inspire me to work hard and be productive. It should make me boost my confidence, enjoy my independence, and celebrate life. So this is really some kind of serious shi… you know. One advice I took from a website was to start it small.

So far, I have written one item and checked it off after a day! Guess what!

To start off, I grabbed a pretty notebook!
Yep, Bucket List #1: Watch a movie alone in the cinema. Check!

I know it’s kind of normal for some people but I really wouldn’t want to do it again! I can eat alone, shop alone, travel, and do other stuff alone but watching in a cinema alone is just to freaky for me.

The Proof. I forgot to take a picture of my popcorn and drink just so it will look like a total movie experience.
Just to make it look more fancy although I am never really artsy.

So, Before Midnight is a perfect excuse to check off this item from my Bucket List. I never really had anyone to go with! Nevertheless, it’s one item down, but definitely a lot more to go. πŸ™‚


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