Iloilo City: Comma Cafe

Weeks ago, I have seen photos and heard about this new hangout, Comma Cafe, in front of JBLFMU, Molo. The perfect time to go there came when my friends and I decided to meet one rainy afternoon.

Despite the rain, the place was jam-packed with young professionals and college students. As my Korean friends would say, it was certainly “Korean style”. I could also tell as one of my former students way back who is taking Culinary Arts let me look at pictures of cafes and restaurants in South Korea.


ImageThe interiors give out a very positive and cheerful vibe.

As you can see, they also have a post-it wall that we can find in almost all tea cafes. Did you know that it’s also Korean style?
Korean merchandise for sale!


The cute stuffed toys at the counter which you can bring to your table. Spot the shy waiters too!

The Menu
Rainy Days Promo
Their Ramen – not too spicy for them Koreans but super spicy for them Pinoys.
My cheese dog. It’s not your ordinary cheese dog. That brown thing wrapped around the hotdog is cheese!
Teas and smoothies
The twins Jihoon and Jiho with Vida and Nong Jude.
Our newfound friend!

ImageHappy people in a happy place. We had some good belly laughs!

I can’t wait to be back to try their waffles and slushes! πŸ™‚


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