Iloilo City: Kang Byeon

Though I had some experience teaching Koreans for a few months and there are several Korean restaurants here in Iloilo City, I have never tried dining in one until that day when the Lim twins decided to eat after hanging out.

I love eating but I am an adult picky eater so my food list isn’t as broad as everyone else’s. Anyway, I had to give it a try. There’s samgyupsal, anyway. πŸ˜‰

ImageKang Byeon actually means river’s side. So when translated, this restaurant’s name would be Riverside Riverside Restaurant! (Waley!)

We had Set A and went for dwenjang.
The Appetizers. The staple Kimchi, potatoes with carrots, anchovies, bean sprouts, and the Korean bihon? ;p

The twins actually said that the dishes taste the same just like in Korea. I just wish the place had more Korean feel to it.Β Image

Nevertheless, that’s one restaurant off the list!


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