Snapplets: My Random Snaps

I have this habit of taking random pictures of random people and circumstances. I used to bring my camera with me all the time but that’s not so convenient right now. I’m glad my phone is very handy though its quality’s not that high. Anyway, Marnelli of Sweets and Brains has these posts entitled F.O.U.R. which contains four random yet memorable and meaningful photos. I have all these photos that I have to delete from my phone already so I thought of dumping them here in my blog!

I’m going to call this Snippets because I am lame. Haha! Anyone who can suggest a title for these posts? I want something with an Apple on it.  😦


That’s me with the red nail polish, on my right is Manong Jude, Vida’s the one with the skinny feet, and that’s Ricca’s right toes curling. This was taken last year in October. We went to the a beach resort nearby and got drunk in the shore. Memorable.


This particular mall in our city holds a big sale every now and then. During those one-day sales, hourly raffle draws are being done and in between the announcement of winners, games are being played. The hosts asked for couples to come over and to prove that they are real couples, they were asked to kiss! Adorable!

ImageI was the only passenger this time but Manong Driver scared the hell out of me! Because he was driving fast while texting! You were caught in the act, Manong Driver!

That’s that for today! I have more in my phone but I’m saving them for next time. Β  πŸ™‚


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