Forming New Habits: Organizing Headphones

I’m trying to prove the point that it’s not hard to teach old dogs new tricks, More so if you’re trying to teach yourself. It only takes some getting used to, actually. Lately, I feel like I’m being stagnant to the point that I envy students studying in coffee shops and convenience stores after my evening shift. Yes, I learn new things at work but I feel like it’s not enough so I decided to put into action some habit-forming plans.

I listen to music when I travel to work. From home to the hospital and vice versa, it takes about 30-40 minutes. Back then, I would rant whenever I untangle my earphones but I didn’t care to fold it neatly after use even if it has a clip!

I’m starting to be anal about organizing things right now, finally. This is probably the easiest habit to start with and by perfecting its art, I will get the fulfillment of achieving a goal. I know it’s a minor task but I started to do it about three months ago with some failures in some days during the first month when I still feel lazy doing it. But I’m proud to say that I now do it every time to the point that it’s becoming a compulsion! Hurray!

I’m proud of myself for doing this! Lol! But I’ve got more habits to form, some complicated, some really petty like this one, that you would find it too simple. I’m excited to get started. Cheers to habit-forming!

Any tips that you would like to share with me? Or perhaps, you can share about what habits you would like to form too. πŸ™‚


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