Tales from Thailand: Playful Elephants

One symbol of Thailand that is most popular to everyone is the elephant. Whenever someone comes home from a trip to Thailand, they bring elephant key chains, elephant fridge magnets, and purses with an image of an elephant in the front. I brought home some figurines too. But nothing beats seeing them face to face. I even got the chance to be introduced to a few and I rode on one too!

Riding on an elephant is on my bucket list since then. Of course, I planned to check off that one when I landed in Bangkok. Unexpectedly, after the elephant show at Safari World, the elephants were flaunted so we were able to save time by slashing off the Elephant Park.


ImageSo adorable!



ImageMy cousin Michael.

Truly yours,





Can you imagine how sturdy and strong their trunks are? I had a blast riding on one. I know Safari World takes good care of them, that’s just how I view the Thais, Β especially when it comes to their elephants. They have a long history with them, in wars, agriculture, and entertainment. Elephants, they are huge animals we never get afraid of. I’d love to ride on one again when I get the chance.


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