OOTD: Not That Laid Back

This is my first OOTD post ever. I am not that fashionable nor am I that vain. I decided to post one just because when I went out with my friends yesterday, I decided to deviate from my usual laid back look. I am the blouse/shirt-shorts/skirts-sandals/flats kind of girl but my brother reminded me of the Oxford shoes that was given to me months ago so I thought of wearing it yesterday.

I don’t have the kind of confidence that selfie addicts have. I don’t even post selfies even if I do have them in my phone. Ugh! Please bear with me. Lol.


Top: SM Department Store

Shorts: DIY shorts from old skinny jeans


Surprisingly, I found these shoes comfortable.


Should I post another OOTD soon? Lol. But next time, I’ll make sure someone else takes the picture. Haha! Can you share other looks that I can use my Oxford shoes with? 🙂


10 thoughts on “OOTD: Not That Laid Back

    1. I was surprised it was comfy because I’m not a fan of closed shoes. I can only tolerate ballet flats back then. I’m happy I tried a new look. I never thought shoes can make a lot of difference. 🙂

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