Monthly “Beauty” Haul: September

I’m laughing out loud because I can’t help putting quotation marks on the word “beauty” because my monthly haul actually comprises of the basics. Every payday, I march into Watson’s or to my favorite grocery store, Iloilo Supermart, to buy my toiletries. I watch a lot of beauty gurus on Youtube and since I sometimes receive compliments, I decided to share with you what I use. To start with, I actually don’t have any problem with my skin. Lol. The thing is, when I find a product “perfect”, I tend to stick with it until forever. Every month, I also buy something new to try so I’ll share that one too. πŸ™‚

I, for one, wash my hair every single day. I’m not sure if it’s a Filipino thing but I get so uneasy if I don’t do it everyday. The fact that our hair is the dirtiest part of our body stuck with me. To each is her own, anyway.


I have been using Dove shampoo and hair conditioner for a year already. My sister told me that it builds up dandruff but I love it. Actually, my hair is a bit damaged right now but I’m not telling you that sad story. It still depresses me. Just a hint: don’t be too impulsive when you cut your hair. Anyway, Dove maintains the moisture and smoothness of my hair despite its current state.

Usually, I shampoo my hair every after work because that’s when I feel dirtiest. I just apply conditioner when I wash it every morning. My workmate tells me Pantene does great too so I’m thinking of trying it out just for the sake of trying.


I have been using Renew Placenta soap for two years now, I guess. My friend, Jolly, recommended this one and I loved it since Day 1. I haven’t read anything about placenta soaps because I’m lazy to do so and I’m not planning to be whiter than I am now but this product works perfectly on my skin and that’s all that matters.

?????????????????????????????????????I just got back to this product after I finished some whitening deodorant. I’ll tell you about that next time. I think this one’s the safest deodorant ever. I think I’m just lucky I don’t sweat that much.

Something new:


I don’t use any facial wash before except that Renew Placenta soap. I felt like I need one so I picked this Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash. There’s one that’s for hydration but I think I’m hydrated enough so I chose this one. One of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus loves anything that’s brightening that’s why I got this. Β I hope it works for me.

Since I will probably buy the same stuff next month, I’ll think of better ways on how to share with you my reviews on the products and the new ones that I will purchase. So much for being a woman. πŸ˜‰


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