Tales from Thailand: Everything Else Safari

I have tons of pictures taken at Safari World and sharing everything with you is such a hassle so I tried to choose the best ones. This will pretty much sum up our Safari adventure. We arrived there a little bit late, like 10-ish and although we spent hours inside, we didn’t get to see everything. Now I have a reason to go back, right? πŸ™‚


These parrots are amazing. I chose this because I like how my hair looks like. Lol. But there are actually more birds there, just that only a few are included in the picture. I am simply mesmerized by their vibrant colors and how different they are from each other.

?????????????????????????????????????We had lunch by the river. The Thais are fond of coupons in food courts so we each got a few and ordered around. That’s me, Elvi, my cousin Michael, Kon Hansa, our driver, and Erica.


?????????????????????????????????????My cousin and I trying out this wooden tuktuk.


I like his confidence.Β VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100Cute little pony.

?????????????????????????????????????Everyone’s immune to my craziness.

?????????????????????????????????????Not-so-polar polar bear?

?????????????????????????????????????Lazy white tiger.

?????????????????????????????????????Just a glimpse of how big this walrus is.

?????????????????????????????????????Up close.

?????????????????????????????????????Is this a beaver? I suck.

?????????????????????????????????????Now I know the difference between the lioness and the puma.

?????????????????????????????????????The orangutan showing off.

?????????????????????????????????????I wish my younger siblings got to experience Safari World too. Maybe if I get filthy rich, I’ll bring them there. Touring Safari World made me appreciate God more. I cannot fathom each animal’s complexity. Just looking at them makes my head twirl. Then I begin to wonder, Adam and Eve lived with them out of their cages. I can’t even.


4 thoughts on “Tales from Thailand: Everything Else Safari

  1. Cheers to more beautiful smile photos! πŸ™‚ That’s really neat too, eating on a boat. Not sure If I would stop worrying about flipping over or rocking everything off though :O yipes!

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