Me Lately

I have only been lurking in WordPress for days now because of my limited time. I have all these posts in mind and I’m so excited to get on a chair and blog all day. That day will probably tomorrow, my day off!

I’ve been busy lately because I signed up for review classes for the IELTS exam. It’s simply a proficiency test that I would have to take before I move to “greener pastures”. The three-day intensive review was draining but I learned quite a lot. I had doubts on the review before because I thought it was just to gauge one’s English communication skills but it turns out that there are techniques on how to go about the exam that I would never learn on my own. I’m excited to go to the review center this week. This review is a lot different from the board exam reviews before I officially became a nurse. I am more serious and focused on the tasks and drills this time. I guess it’s because I am fond of reading and writing.

I was also engrossed in a trilogy. I couldn’t help but finish the last book yesterday so I forgot to blog. My friend, Princes, my book “supplier”, told me that we should blog about the books we read since we do that a lot. I said yes! Watch out for our new blog soon. I also think that this is a good idea since I am so forgetful. This is also a way to remember the various stories and characters that I have encountered in the printed world.

Aside from the review and the book, I also had work, errands, and other appointments. I’m also thinking of getting into freelance again. I know this will mean less time for sleep for me but I’m so ecstatic about being busy. There are also travels and meet-ups to look forward to.

In addition, I am happy that I am able to use my daily planner more. I have lots of stuff to do so I had to keep them noted. I never thought that starting out with organizing my earphones would eventually help me to form more new healthy habits.

Though I had a literally dirty day today having dust and red stains on my all-white pants, I am happy. I had fun teasing and fooling around with my workmates and the babies were generally behaved today too.

I’m feeling so good and I’m looking forward to more better days. πŸ™‚


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