Iloilo City: Stuckers Resto

For a short after-work “meeting” with Jolly Mae, we lounged in a new café near our workplace – Stuckers Resto. The pictures I saw online made me so excited about it. We had to find out what the rave was all about.  

Let’s start with the interiors:






Look at that giant mug!1209436_4838981072158_35717689_n


Those little birds on the wall make me feel so girly. They’re too adorable. They also lift you up and make you cheerful. What is it about birds?? Lol.  I also adore the centerpieces. I actually love everything about their interiors. It gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. It’s very relaxing to the eye.  They have a limited menu for now but I read from their Facebook page that they’re going to add some new dishes soon.


Jolly’s mango shake for P50. I also wanted this one but they only had one order left. 😦

1379611_4838866909304_1360016315_nNevertheless, I loved my frozen iced tea (P40).


The carbonara matched my taste perfectly. It was not too creamy and not too bland. It also had some chicken strips. It made me forget that I didn’t have lunch from work, sure made me full.

We also had their Fritos Trio consisted of chicken nuggets, crackers, and squid rings. We loved the chicken nuggets the most. We undoubtedly had chicken rather than breading. 😉

76120_4838873989481_510626746_nExcuse my haggard face.

Jolly and I spent several hours there. We talked about a lot of things and tackled our future adventures. The place is a small but it is perfect for intimate meet-ups with friends. Another thing that I loved about the place was the ventilation. It made it all the more comfortable especially with the clean pillows on the seats. They also had generous servings and very accommodating staff with smiling faces.

I would definitely recommend this to my friends and will go back there soon to try more from their menu. Visit their Facebook page here.


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