Me Lately

For two days now, I have been borrowing my mother’s laptop. I have my mornings off since I start work at 3 pm this week but because my brother brings our (my 3 younger sibs and I share one laptop) laptop to school everyday, I didn’t get to post more this week. I thought of using my phone instead but it’s really inconvenient. Ugh.

Anyway, in my last Me Lately post, I was excited about getting back to freelance writing again. Unfortunately, I found it very tiring since I still have to go on shifts. I have done less than half of the work I promised to finish which is really disappointing. I didn’t do my writing and readings tasks for review too just because I feel like I could use more minutes in bed. I’m exhausted! I thought I could live like superwoman but I realized that I can’t serve lots of masters at the same time. I need to generate more income but I also need some rest too. My parents also paid for my Philhealth insurance for the last two quarters of the year. That also made me depressed. Shame on me, I’m 23 years old and aside from the shelter and the food, they had to pay for it. It just gets to me until this moment.

Another depressing news is that the schedule for our new rotation at work was released. I love it that I’ll be back to the Medical Ward. I’ll miss the babies but I feel like I learn more there but there are some reason why I hate my area. I just hope it still turns out well. 😦

But there is still a bright side to everything.

I still get to read. πŸ˜‰ I started this new book entitled A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers. It’s a little bit dangerous to read, I was gasping and sighing while reading. Lol.


It’s just a few more days before the first gathering of Breastfeeding Ilonggas. I’m also excited to hear about Breastfeeding and to learn more about how I can promote it as a nurse. If you are from Iloilo, you can join us in this advocacy too. Just read the details above. πŸ™‚


I am now also part of the 20 Something Bloggers! I got a tweet last night about it and I’m so happy my request has been approved. I am now part of a new community and I’m looking forward to meeting other bloggers my age. If you’re also part of it, please add me here. πŸ™‚

Screen_20131001_184310This, by far, is the ultimate upside to my week! I won two front row S.VIP tickets to the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest! Actually, I am not a fan of rock and bands and the like. Princes just asked me answer this contest in Facebook for her to get more VIP tickets. Surprisingly, we won. Haha! It’s a first time for me and it’s another check off my bucket list.

This week went by fast. It’s two more days before my day off again and I’m already exhausted. Anyway, I hope I get to blog more in the next days. Reviewing this post, I just realized there are more good things than the bad ones. πŸ™‚


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