Breathtaking Boracay: Henna Tattoos

One of the simple activities you can do in Boracay is to get a henna tattoo. It’s a nice activity during the afternoon especially if the heat is unbearable and you would just prefer to lounge in a chair, sip a shake, while you watch passersby. There are lots of henna tattoo artists along the beach and the price of each tattoo depends on its size and design. Usually, the price starts from P75. It also dries up after 30 minutes so you don’t have to worry if it gets wet afterwards.

My last trip to Boracay was last March. I’ll blog about our whole trip for the next few days or weeks because I’m lazy like that. Lol. After our first adventure there, we decided to walk through the different stations and get some henna tattoos.


My cousin Jeff’s dragon tattoo.


My sister Julia’s artsy hennas.


My sister Julisa is obviously a Paramore fan.


And she got another one on her arm. While the artist was doing my sister’s tattoo, an Egyptian family stopped to watch. The mother asked about the saying which is “Love is the movement” and told the artist that her daughter’s getting a tattoo too of “Love is the moment”. πŸ˜‰


Mine! πŸ™‚

?????????????????????????????????????Flaunting our henna tattoos!

Some artists also do some permanent tattoos. My father got one in Boracay about two years ago. I heard Manny Pacquiao had some of his tattoos made by the same artist.

316023_2006095075906_3854851_nWe’re all tattooed on Papa’s chest. He didn’t finish the session though. There was supposed to be some shading somewhere but he couldn’t stand the pain anymore. Lol.

Don’t miss out on getting a henna when you’re in Boracay and make sure you choose to have it somewhere that’s uncovered. Remember, you paid for it so you can flaunt it!


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