Breathtaking Boracay: Zorbing

When I watched an episode of KrisTV where she and Sweet Lapus tried this adventure, I told myself that I will never miss the chance of riding one when I get to Boracay.

A zorb is basically an orb of plastic ball rolled downhill into a pool. When I first saw the hill I thought it was not that high and the few hundreds that we would spend on it will not be worth it.



But it was really tiring going up the hill.


We opted to go in pairs and my sisters went first. ?????????????????????????????????????

There they go!?????????????????????????????????????


Me and my cousin Faye. Uhm excuse my flabs. ?????????????????????????????????????


I was wrong thinking that it will only take a short time for us to land downhill. While we were rolling, I was screaming and asking myself when it will end. Lol. We tumbled up and down and hit each other’s tummies and feet. We also tasted each other’s skin and hair. Eeww, that sounded nasty but I hope you get the picture. We really enjoyed the roll and I will definitely do it again.

Never miss this adventure when you go to Boracay. Zorb Park offers options on how you can go about your “fall”. Check out their page here.


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