I met my rock star.

I have never had a crush in a long time. I may appreciate lots of amazing, sexy, and hot men ย but my appreciation for them is actually shallow. About three weeks ago, I developed a crush on someone! Mind you, I take that word seriously. I think it’s someone who you don’t deem to be a potential lover but much more than someone who is only pleasing to the eye. Am I being vague?

Throughout college, I had sleepless nights because of tons of tests and papers to work on and evening duties. That’s when I got the habit of watching late night shows such as Music Uplate Live airing before ABS CBN signed off every night. That’s when I had my first glimpse of Tutti of 6cyclemind. I liked how he registered on TV. I liked his jokes and his conversations with Yeng and other guests on the show but that fad faded mainly because MU Live stopped airing and my TV “consumption” became limited to only prime time teleseryes and other reality shows I can catch during my free time.

Watching Tutti onstage during the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest was enough for me. We were in the first row, anyway. But like I said here, little did I know that I was in for a bigger treat. My friends knew Miggy of Chicosci and when he saw them in the audience, he mouthed “Smallville?”. That started to get my adrenalin pumping. Of course, it was only because I wanted to take a picture with Miggy. Who wouldn’t be excited about meeting a rock star?

More fun than any other party
More fun than any other party

We got to the hotel where we checked in for the night while we waited for Miggy’s text. When we forwarded to where he stayed, fans flocked around him for pictures and we were drawn aback. My friends didn’t want him to get into hassles just because we wanted to meet him. When we first approached Miggy, Tutti was there and suddenly I was stationary and speechless. What’s worse is that our picture disappeared. That got me down but after a while, Miggy waved at us to join them in the table.

I hid behind my friend’s back for a while because Tutti was in the table with his back at us too. If you know me personally, you would know that I am not a shy person. I am loud and proud. For instance, when I saw Geoff Eigenmann in one of the restaurants here in the city about 6 years ago, I asked him if I could kiss him on the cheek. Yes, I am like that and I don’t even adore him. I think it’s because I didn’t care about what he thought of me. Maybe it’s just different because Tutti is my crush. Yes, definitely Tutti over any teleserye celebrity.

We stayed with them until the wee hours of the morning. After cringing, I eventually became comfortable and got back to being my perky and sassy self. It was a great experience to talk to someone famous. I realized that they’re humans too. Okay, that’s odd. What I meant was they can also be funny and drunk, and everything else. Lol. And I will leave my story at that.

My first picture on Instagram and my profile picture on Facebook. I am not a fan, nope!
My first picture on Instagram (finally gave in) and my profile picture on Facebook. I am not a fan, nope!
With Tutti, Miggy, and Diego
With Tutti, Miggy, and Diego


Still euphoric on our hotel bed
Still euphoric on our hotel bed

Twitter and Instagram also suddenly became exciting because of him. My fondness for rock stars in the novels that I read are now somewhat brought to life and sensationalized. My imagination was moved up to me being a wallflower in the midst of all the shrieks and screams. I’m already good with that, though.

Now, get me an autograph because I can now answer that Who is your crush question. ๐Ÿ˜‰


4 thoughts on “I met my rock star.

  1. “@thesmallappple : I never thought that a rock concert can be that fun. ”
    “More fun than any other party”

    Me:(thinks)of course. why do you think I have concert funds?LOL

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