Planning, Collecting, Packing for Ivisan

Days after we asked for goods and clothes from our family and friends for those who were affected by the typhoon Yolanda in Ivisan, Capiz, help poured on us non-stop. People sent in cash, boxes of clothes and goods, and lots of water. It was very overwhelming especially when we actually worried that we had more manpower than needed. We thought we couldn’t gather as much. Bjo and Thiel spent two days picking them up.

1393556_10200894477908099_338114550_nSo thank you for fetching me. Lol!


Thank you to the students of Iloilo City National High School. 1450247_383361315129063_1774997334_n

We planned to meet on a Friday with the goal of packing 200 family packs from this mountain of help. 1001285_10200890785775798_380732707_n



We also received family packs from Cebu!



Water, biscuits, and noodles! 734164_10200894476188056_1715131082_n



And now, may I present to you the work done…

First, we had to plan what to put into the plastic bag basing on the number of goods that we have. We decided to separate everything into three “stations”. One family representative will fall in line to get the food pack, then proceed to the line for the water, and lastly, for the clothes. This is patterned after how Sagip Kamilya distributed their relief goods as well. Then came the real, physical work. They told me I didn’t need a stool while I was closing the plastic bags because I am small and I have a wide range of motion. Ahuh and I was even confident with that but when I woke up the next day, I couldn’t even move a muscle. So much for thinking that I was that strong and that packing was a breeze.


If you’re planning to pack, you must be sure that you have big guys in the group. Ahem. For all the lifting and transferring stunts.


We occupied space for two cars!


My not-so-sexy, aching back. 1456712_10200894474668018_963035114_n

Who wouldn’t want to miss out on doing some selfie/selvie? That night, we did not only have fun packing but we also had fun meeting new friends, recalling memories, and making fun of each other, yes! Lol!1425750_10200894473347985_345295831_n


We were also blessed with hundreds of pieces of clothes from blouses to dresses, shorts, jerseys, and pants. My friends decided to roll 2 shirts and a pair of pants and tied them together both for females and males. We have also collected clothes for children and babies so each family was given a complete set. I salute my friends from the “Clothes group”. I think they had the most daunting task, maybe more daunting than scooping rice!


Two days before our planned trip to Ivisan, we counted the total number of packs and we went over 200. We even had some goods left. More blessings came and we knew we had surely had gone a lot over our goal.1467350_383797665085428_527521217_n

Lola Belle helping out on purchasing the additional goods. 1459911_383797705085424_1681360519_n

The Thiel. 1470417_384135265051668_1855626802_n

We don’t have the final picture of our count but this was a draft just to show you that there should always be some counting involved. -_-

Since we had some pre-packed bags from Cebu, we had to plan well. We don’t want any comparisons to arise when we accidentally give two different packs in one area.


Here is a picture of everything you guys entrusted to our group.
1476495_384518611680000_268964477_nWe are also very grateful to SB Member Chapman and to these Ivisanons for going all the way to Iloilo with this truck to help us transport the goods.

We are merely an accomplice to your generosity and this is to show how thankful we are for your trust and all-out support.


7 thoughts on “Planning, Collecting, Packing for Ivisan

  1. I have always had the greatest respect and admiration, for how strong a community Philippines has and how you all look after each other. Awesome! Cheers Apple! 🙂

    1. It makes my heart full, Andy! Everybody’s into helping a certain town. Even “bad boys” take part in relief ops. It’s overwhelming to see relief ops left and right.

      Thank you! 🙂

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