Road Trip to Capiz for a Cause

I love going on long road trips as long as I’ve got lots of friends with me, you know, because of the stories and the jokes that are shared while on the road. And of course, those interesting things that you see on the streets as you go. My last road trip, however, was for a good cause as we were off to Ivisan, Capiz, to distribute the relief goods that we have gathered. See it here.

The start of our road trip. Look at the pretty new shortcut route to Pototan.

And as we go from one town to another, the situation seemed to be getting worse. From Zarraga onwards, trees, hills, and mountains were all brown. Trees became either leafless, broken, or bent.




Going on a road trip to the Northern part of Iloilo supposedly wraps you in awe of the greens but now, each place appears to beย abandoned. On on our way, there were little mishaps. Because we were riding a pick-up,two of our friends settled on the back then suddenly when we were nearing Capiz, it rained so we had to stop to let them inside. Two big guys on the front seat and five of us in the back seat.ย 20131118_083212


This picture shows the Welcome sign of Capiz then.

This is what it is now.


Just around 3 kilometers away from Ivisan, we had another mishap. The pick-up just stopped. Good thing the truck was behind us so the Ivisanons with us checked the engine and all but to no avail. The pick-up was just tied to the truck so we can reach Ivisan.

So we got out of the pick-up and did a little photo op. ๐Ÿ˜‰530417_10202496840402691_1629728552_n


Oops, wrong sequence. But anyway, just to show you more of what you will see on the road..ย 20131118_084656








You will see lamp posts and cell sites on the ground which explains the absence of electricity and communication lines. You will see big trucks from NGOs, private cars, and government vehicles all loaded with relief goods en route to different parts of Capiz and Northern Iloilo too. You will see army trucks as well. There were boxes of relief goods being unloaded and stationed on the sidewalk to be distributed.

Going on a 3-hours road trip for a cause with mishaps along the way did not make it a misadventure. Yes, we got tired, sweaty, and dirty but the gratitude that the people made us feel were enough for us to be fulfilled.ย 1474521_10202496856643097_1093271551_n 1471243_10202496857363115_1532363161_nAnd we took the Ceres bus going home to Iloilo. It made the trip longer though. We finally got to Iloilo around 9pm and treated ourselves with yummy Jollibee Chickenjoy meals. Yes, we went home very late with our tummies and hearts full. ๐Ÿ™‚


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