Snapplets: My Random Snaps

I missed posting my random snaps here. I actually have lots of them stored in my phone but these days, I always seem to be running out of time, always rushing to do things. It’s stressful and I wish I can just slow down to take some breather.

Anyway, I regret that I didn’t take lots of pictures when I was still in the Surgical Ward where it was action-packed. I recently got a better phone so I always remember to take some pictures at work especially since my contract will end on December 31st! Yipee!

This picture was a needle prick, obviously. I dared to cap the needle improperly and this was my reward. Luckily, it was still unused! I am still stubborn in capping needles until now though. Are you hardheaded in doing that too, fellow nurses?

Platelet concentrates. These 4 bags of platelet were transfused to my patient who had leptospirosis. I will spare you the nosebleed and avoid talking more about thrombocytopenia and all that jazz. This kind of blood transfusion is my favorite because it doesn’t take long!

Meningocele. This is a pediatric patient who had hydrocephalus. I really appreciate parents who fight up to their last cent to save their child. Her meningocele is already healed and the parents are saving up for the shunt for their angel’s operation.

On a Sunday, we watched The Curse of Chuckie at work.

Until my next Snapplets! Probably tomorrow. Lol.


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