Iloilo City: Tavern on the 10th Street

My sister had been bugging me to eat at this newly opened restaurant in the city – Tavern on the 10th street. Weeks ago, a Facebook friend also posted a picture of their sizzling Brownie ala mode which looked so enticing. I also found out that the owner was a college batchmate. Way to go, Ariel!

I was never a fan of brownies until I tried Dulgies’ brownies. And now this. Oh my gosh, I’m still drooling. It was moist and sticky and gooey. Aaaahhh!

I had to wait until my sister’s lunchbreak. Good thing they have a TV there. So Heat lost to the 76ers. 😦

I had a hard time deciding what to order. This is probably the only menu which had all my favorites. I couldn’t decide what to eat! As you can see, everything is affordable.

Sizzling grilled baby back ribs and sizzling grilled pork chop. These meals include one cup of rice.


Mashed potatoes! Ask my sister, she heard me making sounds while devouring this grub. I can finish three plates of this in one sitting, though I think it’s too buttery.


I was saying “Mapatay na ko. Mapatay na ko” while eating this brownie. That means “I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die.” Lol!

I was very full after, it’s obvious why. I didn’t even munch on anything during our meeting at the hospital because I was so full I could burst. After 10 burps and 15 yawns, I finally got over it.
I will definitely go back to Tavern and try the carbonara and the buffalo wings and the buttered chicken and the ice cream burger and… oh men! 😉

You can visit their Facebook page here.


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