Snapplets: My Random Snaps

Filipinos always get excited for a town fiesta. Our town, Oton, celebrates every 8th of December. Several days before the said date, tents are put up around the municipal hall and the town plaza for small scale stores selling clothes, toys, and others. Another thing that people look forward to is the small carnival in front of the municipal hall. I guess that ranks second to pigging out.

I have outgrown the excitement and the eagerness to go out to the carnival but I had the chance to go around with my nieces and nephew one night. There weren’t as many stalls as before and some of the more traditional games were already “dissolved”.

My nephew rarely missed his target so he went home with lots of chips and candies.


Bet on the numbers and double your money if you win this rolette.

Some of the rides. We went around earlier than the fiesta so the other rides weren’t set up yet. I heard there was a stunt show too.




I loved going there when I was little but I found myself really paranoid while going around. I kept on observing the bystanders because they might grab my phone or snatch my niece’s wallet. I also couldn’t tolerate the second hand smoke.

Nevertheless, it’s a fun sight as people from the outskirts can experience something like this without traveling too far and spending a lot.


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