Twisted Puppy Love

How would you react when you found out that an 11 year-old is in a relationship?

I simply cannot believe what I was hearing from an 11 year-old Korean girl.

It all started four years ago. YES, FOUR YEARS AGO. They were classmates in 1st grade. She liked him when she first saw him. When asked why, she answered, “Just.”

They were classmates for two more years until one day, he gave her a note that says that he likes her. Poor little girl, she gave him a note too saying that she feels the same way.

Right there and then, they claimed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I cannot absorb it all. I can’t imagine how 7 year-olds flirt or whatever. Her mother knows about it too.

What shocked me more is that her 9 year-old brother also has a girlfriend. They just had their first kiss… on the lips!

Call it puppy love. Call me conservative. But this just disturbs me.


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