My Favorite Youtubers

When I was younger, I frequented Youtube for TV show replays and music videos. Eventually, the world got a hang of it and everyone started their own channels and so I started to subscribe. There were channels for covers, funny skits and monologues (my favorites then were HappySlip, Julian Smith), parodies and the like. 

Youtube is a world in itself. Just like Google, it’s a perfect self-help guide especially when you need an idiot’s guide to cooking or applying make-up. You can find almost anything there, actually. From how to break up with your boyfriend to how to troubleshoot your juicer.

I have developed a habit of watching Youtube videos and there are two particular Youtubers who I love watching so much that I immediately shut the world off when they tweet that a new video is coming up.


Heart Defensor is a Filipino but that is not solely why I love her. She is perky, humble, sweet, and genuine. She isn’t afraid of showing her imperfections. She has so many loyal viewers and she still cannot believe it sometimes. Each time she bumps into a subscriber somewhere, she still gets excited and surprised. So cute! As a Filipino, I am also proud of her because she recently launched her own make-up palette. She is also a part of a commercial and was featured in Seventeen Magazine! Heart’s tutorials on how to do your hair and make-up are easy to follow. When you watch her vlogs, you will also adore her warm family. I can’t help but be pleased that they still carry the Filipino culture with them. If you are a fan, you are also quite familiar with Arnold who is the love of her life. Their relationship is simply inspiring. It’s refreshing to watch a long-time couple bask in each other’s companionship. It is with them that I see how soul mates are in real life. Every time I see them, I cannot help but imagine meeting mine too!

Here’s one of her videos with Arnold:


But I like this one more from Arnold’s channel:


Find her here:

Instagram: ThatsHeart


I loved Zoe the first time I watched a video of hers and it’s not only because of her accent. I admire her honesty and humor. She is very smart and her intelligence shows through how she compresses her videos and thoughts in a very precise manner. You know, everything is straightforward and you get the gist right away. Another thing that made me love her is that she started with blogging. The fact that she writes, I mean really writes, instantly made me love her. She is obviously fun-loving. You will see how funny she is when she inserts punch lines in the middle of a make-up tutorial or even a cooking tutorial. Her videos also show how thoughtful she is about her family and friends. She is so adorable and I cannot fathom that she is only a few weeks older than me. I like watching her with Alfie. Yes, I am a fan of Zalfie! I love them because no matter how popular they are in social media, they still try to keep a little space just for themselves. I also like watching  Zoe’s brother Joe, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, Louise, and the rest of the gang’s videos too. Watching them is actually very helpful especially that I will be taking an English proficiency exam some time soon. *smirk*

This is one of my favorite Zoella videos:

And another favorite from her vlog:

Find her here:

Facebook :

I feel like Youtubers are more worth following because they can be viewed as stars yet they give you the perception that they are still reachable. They are sincerely grateful for the love from their viewers. While the rest of the world thinks of them as celebrities, here they are showing us glimpses of their personal lives without us even asking for them. And it’s a good thing.


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