Breathtaking Boracay: Puka Beach

After all our adventures in Boracay, we decided to spend our last afternoon swimming. But who could swim in a sea full of people? The main shore was jam-packed and it was also kind of mossy. So I suggested that we go swimming at Puka Beach. It is only one ride away from the main shore. You only have to call a tryke to get to there and the fare costs only P100.



Look at the flawless sand. Oh, and there were actually lots of people too. Β Most of them were foreigners enjoying the sound of the waves and the heat. We walked farther so we could enjoy a portion of the beach to ourselves.

My sisters and my cousin having fun. The water was cold and the sand didn’t feel warm on the feet too. It’s the perfect kind of beach.Β ?????????????????????????????????????

My big little sisters.Β ?????????????????????????????????????

?????????????????????????????????????I could spend hours lying on the sand at Puka Beach. I wish I can spend a night there just watching the stars while playing with the sand. Some people were sunbathing while reading there too. The place is perfect if you need some time alone away from the bustling noise of the main part of the island.


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