Be Careful With Your Heart

Rejecting someone is not entirely being choosy for no reason. It’s primarily being your own guard against potential heartbreaks and failed relationships. I know it’s a cliché but no one else is entitled to that responsibility except yourself.

The world is a well-populated place. So I am constantly convincing myself that there are billions of prospects around the planet. That is, if I do not limit my criteria to people of my race. Yes, guys. Criteria. Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, as Kim Chiu put it, please remind me that the world is not running out of good men

My point is, there is no room for shame when it comes to rejecting people who do not deserve you. Yes, we can choose because we hate wasting time, effort, and affection for someone who does not try to match our calibre. Keyword: try. Because unlike the other sex, women can equate trying to actually being or doing.

Lift your own chair and gather all the confidence that you can find within. Heartbreaks stay. We have to be careful. We cannot have too many.


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