Captain Phillips, are you okay?

I avoid watching movies involving the ocean because 1. It only heightens my anxiety level every time my Papa is away and 2. Ignorance is bliss and having nothing to imagine helps in maintaining peace of mind especially if there are no means of communication for a few weeks while he is on voyage.

This morning, though, I woke up to my family watching Captain Phillips, a biography/thriller movie about a cargo ship with 20 crew members overpowered by 4 Β Somalian pirates.

I looked it up on the internet and imagined how it was like to overcome something as dreadful as anticipating a gun’s trigger to be pulled while it was aimed right at the center of your forehead. Four hours after watching the movie, I am still caught up in thinking about all the trauma Captain Richard Phillips must have gone through while he was in the hands of the Somalians extending to the days of psychological therapies.

Being helplessly locked up with notorious strangers in a small lifeboat is terrifying. If I were him, I bet I’d lose consciousness right there and then. But he maintained composure. When he was rescued and he finally absorbed the fact that he was safe, he broke down and so did I (Sorry, I am a dramatic person). It was just heartbreaking.

But rough seas make a skillful sailor and after a year, he was back on track.

I still have so many things in mind but I am hungry and I cannot put them into words right now. But anyway, I just wanted to write about this because the movie tells a lot about keeping calm and sailing on. Figuratively.

I salute all the seamen. Papa. πŸ™‚

And oh, Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks. Period.


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