BonChon Chicken

My favorite food in the world is chicken. I have mastered how to manipulate each part so I can sip all the juices trapped in those bones and cartilages.

One of the places where I literally drooled while taking a bite on that leg part is in Bonchon Chicken while trying out their new Citrus-flavored chicken. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.


Luscious. Delish. Juicy. Goodness.
My cousins and I ordered a package meal so along with two sets of this goodness is a bowl of appetizer, rice, and crepes. All these for less than a thousand pesos.




Just FYI, if you happen to drop by, just tell the crew that I sent you there. I am Apple Ochon and I own Bonchon. In my dreams. Haha!


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