A Birthday Bolt from the Blue

For a reason that I myself don’t know, I stopped being eager in celebrating my birthday since college ended. I even hide my birthday from social media. But you see, my birthday is not only special to me but to my parents as well. I had a pretty dramatic entrance in this world, from conception to birth so as hard as I try not to appear to lots of Facebook timelines, my parents always make it a point to let everyone know that I was an answered prayer, their prize for patience.

For this year, I planned to have a chill night with my girlfriends in Makati, at home. We had a cheesy night, literally. We had meaty omelet, cheesy tortillas, my favorite Spicy Cheezy junk food, and two bottles of liquid sedative (lol) that we didn’t finish because we’re not that hardcore. We jammed along subtle guitar strumming and danced with the strobe light app until the break of dawn.

My brother woke me up so early with a phone call on Sunday morning then came a flood of Facebook wall posts, Instagram collages, text messages, and phone calls from other family members. It was the day of the long-awaited Pacquiao-Bradley fight. Family members in Iloilo gathered in my Aunt’s house again for lunch. My mother posted a photo with a cake. I had a cake, I thought. My day was already complete.

Earlier last week, my cousin invited me for dinner on Sunday night because another cousin came from Iloilo. We planned to meet at Landmark around 7pm. My friends said they’ll be attending mass in Greenbelt too but they took so long to get ready that I decided to go ahead. I met my cousins at Landmark and they were teasing me that I should pay for dinner that night but I said I was broke. They just laughed and we proceeded to Greenbelt where they planned to dine.

At the entrance of Seafood Island, I took out my phone to take a picture of the menu because I was thinking of blogging it. Then I saw another cousin in a table and  thought that it was a coincidence, him also dining in the same restaurant. When I look beside him, I saw another cousin then my aunt, then my uncle, more family members. Then they all sang Happy Birthday as I approached the table. I was really confused. Then came my friends with a cake. It took a long time for me to process everything. That it was a surprise and darn it because no one was answering who the mastermind was.

Then my cousin got her laptop out, signed in on Skype. Then I realized that everybody pranked me. They knew since last week but I was clueless!



I don’t know how to thank each family member here in Manila and in Iloilo. I’m so overwhelmed. Gosh, I love surprises. Now I know how it feels like to be that clueless!

To my parents, if only I can wrap you in my arms right now.. you’ll know how grateful I am for having you both. Same goes to my three young rascals who never fail to make me feel loved. You didn’t have to give me a gift, you know. I really appreciate it! Papa, argh… :’) Thank you. Thank you so much.

There’s a lot to thank for but above all, I thank You for giving me the gift of family.


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