Iloilo Food Photo Dump

Once in a while, I browse through my phone’s photo gallery to free some space. Boom, there they were… pictures of damn good Ilonggo food.

1. Jo’s Inato


Mang Inasal is second. Jo’s is always number one. Aside from their paa, their iwi (chicken butt or whatever they call it) is my favorite. They also have the best garlic rice in town. Generous servings, beautiful aroma, friendly and accommodating staff, and mouth-watering barbeque. That’s Jo’s Inato.

2. Freddy’s Bar and Restaurant





Caesar’s Salad. Freddy’s Special Pizza. Steak. Loaded Potato Skin.

Freddy’s is an American-style bar and restaurant located in Sarabia Manor Hotel. This is probably our barkada’s favorite resto because of it’s cozy atmosphere. We love the couches, the dim lights, and our staple cheesy loaded potato skin. Unfortunately,it doesn’t have that much cheese and bacon these days. Nevertheless, we’re still loyal to Freddy’s!

3. Greenoz Pizza



One former Korean student told me before that Iloilo is so unusual because our food is either too small or too big. Whatever, Jenny.

We have the biggest burgers and the biggest pizzas, not to mention the huge cups and saucers at Stuckers. Before watching 47 Ronin last January, my cousins and I enjoyed this 4-flavored pizza at Greenoz. I have to mention, you’ll surely get what you paid for with the toppings. In addition, there’s fresh air and you also get to watch people walking and jogging at Esplanade on the other side.

I miss you, Iloilo! 🙂


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