To All the Men I’ve Loved Before

To Christian, Logan, Cameron, Noah, Travis, Adam, and Kellan, thoughย  I have loved you all in different extents, know that each of you own a portion of my heart.

What I had with each of you was always short-lived yet it stays with me for a long time, much longer than a terrible hangover. I know I’ll go from one story to another and fall in love a few times more but each of you remains unforgettable. Although in the end, you’ll be too many to count.

You are by no means perfect, each having flaws one cannot overlook. But I like my guys stained, rough, furious, overpowering, calloused, and stubborn. So that I may be challenged to tame.

You are all better than reality. Because if I fall in love with your kind, there’s no disappointment.

As each leaf is turned, the end gets nearer but it always doesn’t matter. Because when the story ends, you get nothing from me yet you stay. Thank you.

Fantasies. You don’t outgrow them even after childhood huh?

For you, men of fiction, I’ll forever be a sentimental dreamer.



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